Of pipelines and property values: Will proposed project affect price of homes in region?
With a natural gas pipeline and accompanying compressor station proposed to be built in Franklin County, many residents in the eight towns along the expected route have found themselves worrying about how it could affect the value of their homes.
In August, Heather Reloj, who owns a home on Lower Road in Deerfield, asked the town to repay taxes that she’d paid last year and reduce her taxes going forward due to how close the project is expected to pass by her house, and residents of Gulf Road in Northfield have expressed concern about how a potentially noisy — and some say dangerous — 41,000-horsepower compressor station expected to be built nearby could affect the value of their homes or insurance policies.
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Healthy living: NHS buildings given new life as modern homes
Since April 2013 NHS Property Services has been managing 4,000 buildings worth £3billion. Although only 10 per cent of the NHS estate, it is one of the largest property portfolios in Europe. Every pound made through sales or saved by no longer needing to maintain empty buildings is put back into the NHS and in its first two years the company has reduced the running costs of the property and services it manages by more than £78million.
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House prices: Split in property values widens
Three areas – the North East of England, the North West, and Wales – saw house prices rise by less than 1% in the year to the end of August. In contrast, property prices went up by 8.4% in the East of England, and 7.6% in the South East. Regionally, average prices range between £100,000 and nearly £500,000.
Between July and August, prices fell in the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands.
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Now, home loan buyers have every reason to smile as banks can now provide home loans up to 90 per cent for properties that cost Rs 30 lakh or below. This came at a time when home loan portfolio of banks, especially public sector banks was under pressure due to high interest rates and other factors as well. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through a circular on Thursday said that in the case of individual housing loans falling under the loan category of up to Rs30 lakh, the Loan to Value (LTV) ratio is now up to 90 per cent. “For properties above Rs30 lakh and up to Rs75 lakh, the LTV is up to 80 per cent and those above Rs75 lakh, the ratio comes in at 75 per cent,” said the circular
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The silver lining in WA, Qld property: rental yields
There’s an upside in property markets like Perth where house prices are falling: strong rental yields.
The town of Northam, 100 kilometres, east of Perth has made the top 10 best yield suburbs in property research group Residex’s Best Rents Report in September. “WA might be suffering a downturn, but it depends on where you look,” Residex market analyst Eliza Owen said.
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